And a few minutes later ..


Literally, a few minutes. Apparently they were only in the gym 5 minutes .. They must have forgotten to bring a lock. It really is a shame that some of the cuter shops in JC wouldn’t allow them to film, now the world of Snooki watchers will only see stores like Top Fashion … yeah.

Working Out


The girls are at Synergy Fitness Club on Newark right now. Crowd is forming ..

Snooki and Jwoww walking the dogs



Snooki … pregnant?

I was just checking out Gawker and saw a rumor that Snooki is pregnant. Of course, of course, it’s a RUMOR. But who knows, she has made a point of saying that her life in Jersey City will be different than the life she lived on the Jersey Shore. She has specifically said there will be less clubbing, drinking and partying in her new reality show.

Well, if you are pregnant Snooki, I wish you all the best!

Turned the corner and was literally following Snooki



Jersey Ave 2:45pm Snooki says “come on, let’s go” to Jwoww, who is lagging behind


More Rumors Fly

Today I walked by the pet lodging store which is also rumored to be a possible place of employment for Snooki. No activity yet …


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